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What do you do?

We went to London and we _____ lots of interesting places.

What are you doing?

What do we hear with?

Suzan _____ visiting her parents next week.

I love learning English, but my brother _____.

Here you are.

Is _____ on the right difficult?

John is _____ smoking in the living room.

I`ll never get used _____ getting up at 6.

What will you tell her when she _____?

What _____ Greg`s name be if he were a woman?

The documents _____ to them three days ago.

_____ everyone learn a foreign language when they`re young?

I`m afraid this kind of tumor is ________.

I don`t know what I would _____ if I`d lived when there was no Internet.

We look forward ______ from you.

I`ve found one shoe, but ______ one is still missing.

If you need help with your luggage, please call ______.

You don`t need an umbrella ______ it rains.

In three years they _____ married for fifteen years.

I`m sure she prefers these _____ those.

I`m not fond of trekking.

His wife doesn`t approve _____ his smoking.

_____ you have any questions, please contact the office.